XC Seminar in Spain with Günter Porath XC-Vice-World-Champion

The theory and practice of XC flight for hang gliding and paragliding in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cut that imaginary rubber band, which pulls you back to your familiar training mountain. Forget about the logistics and just have fun while competent mentors take care of all the details.

Fly Tietar provides the complete service during its seminar trips to this little known part of Spain.

The Tietar valley is an “El Dorado” for pilots. We are based in La Iglesuela, which is central to the take-offs at Pedro Bernardo and the Piélago, covering all wind directions.  Fly FAI triangles of 100 km and more. Fly among vultures and enjoy both mountain and flatland landscapes - all within easy glide of safe landings.

Should you wish, expand your horizons and take day trips to well known Piedrahita or to the almost unknown Montes de Toledo. You will be in small groups while your mentor and XC flight vice-world champion Günter Porath introduces you to the inner secrets of XC flight.

Language assistance is included for German, English and Spanish.

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